Guaranteeing Healthy Homes

The Eco Design Advisor Conference 2018

20 – 21 March 2018 – Wellington


The annual Eco Design Advisor conference is where research and policy meet best practice advice for households. This year, the theme is particularly relevant: Guaranteeing Healthy Homes.


The Eco Design Advisor conference provides a unique perspective and is highly valued by practitioners, architects, designers, researchers and building professionals as a multi-disciplinary forum for sharing research, policy, case studies, innovative ideas, and best practice. It is steadily gaining a reputation as a key event in sustainable and healthy building education. Register now!


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Our 2018 programme is being developed – we’ll update it as we firm up the details.  Please keep checking back here.



Today, speakers will provide policy, research and practice perspectives around three themes. These are:

Rental Housing Sector

  • Cade Bedford (MBIE: Housing and Urban Branch, HUB) on the Healthy Homes Guarantee Act.
  • Letisha Nicholas (Otago University, Masters Research) with insights into the Energy Cultures of tenants and landlords.
  • Alison Cadman (Dwell Housing, CEO) with experiences of a social housing landlord.

Housing and Health

  • Ministry of Health to be confirmed.
  • Nicky Cranshaw (Auckland District Health Board) on research into health outcomes from housing interventions.
  • Erana Severne (Waikato District Health Board) giving a practitioner’s perspective of housing and health interventions.

Large-scale Interventions

  • Rosemary Goodyear (Statistics New Zealand) on the Housing and Physical Environment supplement on this year’s General Social Survey.
  • Dr Kay Saville-Smith (CRESA, Building Better Homes Town and Cities National Science Challenge) with the evidence that New Zealand could address housing demand through partitioning existing stock.
  • Tony Moore (Christchurch City Council) providing insights from implementation of Build Back Smarter programme (upgrade at point of earthquake repair)



Daimon Otto (Architect and Board Member of PrefabNZ) offers the keynote presentation on architectural innovation and the future of housing in New Zealand.

Working session

Nelson Lebo (EDA Palmerston North City Council) leads an interactive session with his EDA colleagues on: why isn’t all our knowledge turning into action – let’s unlock this.

Best Practice Warm & Dry

  • Phoebe Taptiklis (PhD candidate Massey University) research insights from her investigations into data from three House Condition Surveys
  • Stephen McNeil (BRANZ) on balancing airtightness and ventilation in our homes
  • Richard Popenhagen (EDA, Nelson City Council) on building a new home when you are a home performance expert

Exceeding the minimum

  • Jo Reilly (Certified Home Performance Advisor) on working alongside group builders to step above NZs Building Code minimums.
  • Bob Burnett (Bob Burnett Architecture) on inspiring NZ to strive for homes that perform to the highest standards.
  • To be confirmed

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